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Steve Borho  committed dd5abd4

update: fix command argument parsing

Using 'None' in the command table made the flag a boolean.
Closes #1609

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  • Parent commits 46a0e79
  • Branches stable

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File tortoisehg/hgtk/hgtk.py

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          ('',  'all', None, _('udpate all repos in current dir')) ],
         _('hgtk thgstatus [OPTION]')),
     "^update|checkout|co": (update,
-        [('r', 'rev', None, _('revision to update'))],
+        [('r', 'rev', [], _('revision to update'))],
         ('hgtk update')),
     "^vdiff": (vdiff,
         [('c', 'change', '', _('changeset to view in diff tool')),

File tortoisehg/hgtk/update.py

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 def run(ui, *pats, **opts):
-    return UpdateDialog(opts.get('rev'))
+    rev = None
+    if opts.get('rev'):
+        rev = opts.get('rev')
+    return UpdateDialog(rev)