Steve Borho avatar Steve Borho committed e533936

workbench: add an URL combo (incomplete)

The toolbar buttons do not use the combo URLs, and it isn't remembering the
URL you had selected when you switch to another repo and back.

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         newaction(_('Pull'), self._repofwd('pull'), icon='hg-pull',
                   tooltip=_('Pull incoming changes from selected URL'),
                   enabled='repoopen', toolbar='sync')
+        self.urlCombo = QComboBox(self)
+        self.synctbar.addWidget(self.urlCombo)
         newaction(_('Outgoing'), self._repofwd('outgoing'), icon='hg-outgoing',
                   tooltip=_('Detect outgoing changes to selected URL'),
                   enabled='repoopen', toolbar='sync')
+    def _setupUrlCombo(self, repo):
+        'repository has been switched, fill urlCombo with URLs'
+        aliases = [alias for alias, path in repo.ui.configitems('paths')]
+        if 'default' in aliases:
+            aliases.remove('default')
+            aliases.insert(0, 'default')
+        for a in aliases[:]:
+            if a + '-push' in aliases:
+                # add foo,foo-push entry to top of menu
+                aliases.insert(0, u'\u2193 %s | %s-push \u2191' % (a,a))
+                # move foo,foo-push individual entries to bottom
+                aliases.remove(a)
+                aliases.remove(a + '-push')
+                aliases.append(a)
+                aliases.append(a + '-push')
+        self.urlCombo.clear()
+        self.urlCombo.addItems(aliases)
     def _setupCustomTools(self, ui):
         tools, toollist = hglib.tortoisehgtools(ui,
                 root = w.repo.root
+                self._setupUrlCombo(w.repo)
         repo = w and w.repo or None
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