Angel Ezquerra  committed e900fe7

merge: make sure that there is no default button on the Commit page

This emphasizes the fact that "Commit Now" is not the preferred workflow.
It may be even better to make the "Commit Later" button the default, but that
may not be easy given that that button corresponds to the "Cancel" button on
the wizard page.

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File tortoisehg/hgqt/

     def currentPage(self):
-        pass
+        self.wizard().setOption(QWizard.NoDefaultButton, False)
     def canExit(self):
         if len(self.repo.parents()) == 2:
         return True
     def currentPage(self):
+        super(SummaryPage, self).currentPage()
     def refresh(self):
     def currentPage(self):
+        super(MergePage, self).currentPage()
         if self.field('discard').toBool():
             # '.' is safer than self.localrev, in case the user has
             # pulled a fast one on us and updated from the CLI
         self.msgEntry.saveSettings(s, 'merge/message')
     def currentPage(self):
+        super(CommitPage, self).currentPage()
+        self.wizard().setOption(QWizard.NoDefaultButton, True)
         engmsg = self.repo.ui.configbool('tortoisehg', 'engmsg', False)
         wctx = self.repo[None]
         if wctx.p1().branch() == wctx.p2().branch():
     def currentPage(self):
+        super(ResultPage, self).currentPage()
         self.wizard().setOption(QWizard.NoCancelButton, True)