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File doc/source/workbench.txt

 		Allows to manage tags to the selected revision.
 		Allows to manage bookmarks for the selected revision.
-		*This option requires the boomarks extension to be enabled.*
 		Create a backout changeset for selected revision.

File tortoisehg/hgqt/

         def preparefiles():
             files = [self.filePath(i) for i in indexes if i.isValid()]
             if self._rev is not None:
-                base, _fns = visdiff.snapshot(self._repo, files,
+                lfiles = map(hglib.fromunicode, files)
+                base, _fns = visdiff.snapshot(self._repo, lfiles,
             else:  # working copy
                 base = self._repo.root
-            return iter(os.path.join(base, e) for e in files)
+            return iter(os.path.join(hglib.tounicode(base), e) for e in files)
         m = QMimeData()
         m.setUrls([QUrl.fromLocalFile(e) for e in preparefiles()])