Wagner Bruna  committed f41f3ed

merge: do not close the wizard if a command is running (fixes #1338)

The commit page detected completion simply by checking if the merge
revision was already committed. But if a command were still running
at that point (either a Mercurial commit hook or the autopush
feature), the wizard would close too soon, causing a Qt crash
(deleting the Qt thread object before its thread finished).

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File tortoisehg/hgqt/

+        self.delayednext = False
         def tryperform():
             if self.isComplete():
         return len(self.repo.parents()) == 2 and len(self.msgEntry.text()) > 0
     def validatePage(self):
+        if self.cmd.core.running():
+            return False
         if len(self.repo.parents()) == 1:
             # commit succeeded, repositoryChanged() called wizard().next()
             if self.skiplast.isChecked():
             return True
-        if self.cmd.core.running():
-            return False
         user = qtlib.getCurrentUsername(self, self.repo)
         if not user:
     def repositoryChanged(self):
         'repository has detected a change to changelog or parents'
         if len(self.repo.parents()) == 1:
-            self.wizard().next()
+            if self.cmd.core.running():
+                # call self.wizard().next() after the current command finishes
+                self.delayednext = True
+            else:
+                self.wizard().next()
     def onCommandFinished(self, ret):
+        if self.delayednext:
+            self.delayednext = False
+            self.wizard().next()