Steve Borho committed f4b6778

status: use color font for hunk selection summary

There weren't many other markup options beyond italics. GTK
ignored the 'big' tag on XP, the font was already bold, sub
and superscript just look wierd, it's already monospace,
underline looked bad (and strikeout was right out).

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                     if selected(i):
                         shunks += 1
                         slines += h.added + h.removed
-                str += _('<i>total: %d hunks (%d changed lines); '
-                        'selected: %d hunks (%d changed lines)</i>') % (hunks,
+                str += "<span foreground='#000088'>"
+                str += _('total: %d hunks (%d changed lines); '
+                        'selected: %d hunks (%d changed lines)') % (hunks,
                                 lines, shunks, slines)
+                str += "</span>"
             str += hglib.toutf(h)
         return str