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 Describe path editing and [auth] hgrc section
 Need a page explaining merges and merge undo (tie together various parts)
-Describe how to use hgfold to correct case-folding conflicts
-intro: cmenu reg files will be included in the installer
-update screenshots
-.. figure:: figures/cmenu-nofiles.jpg
-.. figure:: figures/init.png
-.. figure:: figures/share.png
-.. figure:: figures/clone.png
-.. {{images/image001.png}} (intro: overlay example)
-.. figure:: figures/synchronize.png (syncbar closeup)
-.. figure:: figures/hgcmd.jpg (show cmdwidget)
-.. figure:: figures/cmenu-files.jpg
-.. figure:: figures/overlayicons.png
-.. figure:: figures/taskbarui.jpg
-.. figure:: figures/rename.jpg
-.. figure:: figures/init.png
-.. figure:: figures/settings.png