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TK Soh  committed f627244

update release note for 0.4

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     to load changeset diffs. File list has been moved to the left hand
+  * Added buttons to stop command execution in Synchronize, Recovery,
+    as well as any dialogs that use hgcmd dialog, including Update and 
+    Clone dialogs.
   * Added 'strip' and 'backout' functions to history browser.
   * Two convenience functions added to Synchronize dialog: 'View Pulled
   * Hgk ('Revision Graph') is officially replaced by TortoiseHg's 
     history browser.
-  * Installer now requires admin priviledges in order to prevent an
-    upgrade from requiring two reboots. 
   * New TortoiseHg logo in About dialog, contributed by Peer Sommerlund.
   * Updated Hg icon (on context menu and dialogs) to new droplet design 
   * [ 1895443 ] Overlay: ThreadingModel registry setting
   * [ 1892791 ] Windows Explorer painfully slow for network drives
+Changes and bug fixes since 0.4RC4:
+  * Fixed traceback when revert file in changeset or log windows.
+  * Fixed traceback when testing paths in Configure window.
 Changes and bug fixes since 0.4RC3:
   * Activated target revision option in Synchronize window that had been