"Save Open Repositories on Exit" reacts badly with subrepos

Steve Borho avatarSteve Borho created an issue

To repo:

  1. enable "Save Open Repositories on Exit"
  2. open a subrepo repository
  3. close the workbench
  4. re-open the workbench, the subrepo has now been added to the default repository group.

Comments (3)

  1. Steve Borho

    workbench: do not reopen repos during startup until subrepos have been loaded into the registry (closes #1017)

    During startup the workbench gets the list of repos (and subrepos) that were open on the last session. It goes through the list, opening them one by one, and if any is not found on the registry, it adds it automatically adds it to the reporegistry default group.

    Before this patch, the reload operation was performed before the subrepos had been loaded into the registry. Thus if a subrepo was on the reopen list it would never be found on the registry, and thus it would always be added to the default group on startup.

    This patch simply changes the order in which the settings are read. The "Save open repositories on exit" setting is read after the "Show subrepos" setting has been read and acted upon.


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