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Piotr Klecha avatarPiotr Klecha created an issue

Attempting to push a new branch results in "abort: push creates new remote branches: <branch_name>!" displayed in red on the info bar. Thg then prompts to confirm creation of new branch and even after successful push, the info still displays the same error message.

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  1. Piotr Klecha
    • changed status to open

    Doesn't seem so, I still observe the same behavior on tip, but maybe because the new push is executed immediately after creation of new branch is confirmed, I don't have to start it manually.

  2. Ewen Wallace

    +1 - Still seeing this. When the dialogue to create a new branch is ok'd the warnings at the top and in the status bar should be cleared and updated with the new branch-creation status.

    The warning at the top of the Workbench

    abort: push creates new remote branches: CADbloke!
    hint: use 'hg push --new-branch' to create new remote branches

    remains after the push is successfully completed.

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