Windows 7 Explorer right-click in right pane fails to shift context

Pete Klammer avatarPete Klammer created an issue

In Windows 7 Explorer (and possibly others) when a folder is selected (highlighted, in focus) in left (folder navigation) pane, and then a right-click in the right (files navigation) pane, TortoiseHg should recognize the right-pane selection and present the shorter "Context menu for file or folder selection"; instead (bug) it presents the longer "Context menu for a folder under Mercurial revision control" with hazardous consequences e.g., clicking "Revert Files..." will now revert an entire folder instead of just the one right-clicked file. Compare behavior for right-clicking then clicking ordinary Windows "Delete" - only a single file is offered for confirmation to the Recycle Bin. In spite of the TortoiseHg confirmation window which lists the many files, the hazard of this bug is aggravated by Windows 7 Explorer highlighting ("Aero"?) which colors filenames in the right pane just by hovering (mouse-over), prior to any right-pane click, making the single right-pane filename look "selected" even though it is not.

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