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When I run Workbench from a shortcut (rather than inside a repository), it opens Repository Registry panel and focuses on it. In this case I can use the keyboard to select and explore one of the repositories in my list.

However, if in a previous session the Output Log was visibile, this panel will still be open next time I run the Workbench, and its current directory will be the current directory of the process that spawned it —on Windows I usually end up in %systemroot%\system32\. Moreover, the Log panel will hold focus, making it impossible to easily navigate the Registry.

The Output log should either be closed when no repository is selected, or at least the Registry should be focussed when Workbench is opened this way.

To reproduce:

  • open Workbench, make sure the Log is closed, close Workbench
  • re-open Workbench, verify that the Registry is focussed
  • open the Output Log, cloe Workbench again
  • re-open Workbench, the Log stole focus from the Registry

Keyboard-only workaround:

  • if the Output Log is visible, press Ctrl-L. The Log will close and focus will return to the Repository Registry

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