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Issue #1009 resolved

Workbench persistence of filter and/or selected branch enhancement

Brandon Leiran
created an issue

I'd like to almost always ignore non-default branches when using TortoiseHg 2.x. Currently every time I open TortoiseHg the filter text entry and Branch drop-down are reset to blank and " Show all ".

Can TortoiseHg 2.0 save these settings? Or have a default setting for either?

Is there a back-door method of saving these settings? Or getting my desired behavior?

Originally asked question at SO: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6821124/can-tortoisehg-2-x-be-configured-to-save-filter-or-branch-drop-down-settings.

Comments (3)

  1. Steve Borho
    • changed status to open

    It's not currently possible to do that. The only thing close would be to make a clone with only the branches you are interested in, then being careful to always pull with a branch target.

  2. Anonymous

    I'd also like this facility. We currently use feature repositories, a tag is created each time a repository is cloned for a particular feature. I'd like to have a filter default to only show descendants of that tag.

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