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Issue #1073 invalid

Filter not written exactly like for Hg

Anonymous created an issue

When going to Revision Set Query, I can click "See help patterns" that opens the mercurial page describing how to write patterns. The only problem is that the patterns don't work directly in TortoiseHg and each of the sample gives "Parse Error: syntax error". It took me quite some time to realize that I should use quotes (single or double).

For ex instead of file(path:foo/bar) I must write file('path:foo/bar').

I'm on Win7 64 bits and the samples work fine directly within Hg.

Comments (3)

  1. Steve Borho
    D:\thg-build\thg>hg log -r file(path:contrib/mergetools.rc)
    hg: parse error at 17: syntax error

    The console hg also requires quoting here. This is something that should be improved in Mercurial's docs

  2. Anonymous

    Indeed with the "-r" I get a syntax error using Hg straight.

    Actually I first sent a message to the Mercurial mailing list, but I was told the documentation looked fine, so I thought the problem must come from TortoiseHg.

    Eventually the Mercurial doc may still need to be updated.

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