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Issue #1094 resolved

Issues in the workbench when pushing/popping patches

Anonymous created an issue

Using THG 2.1.2 on Windows XP SP 3

Simplest setup: a repository with 1 initial commit and 2 applied patches

Right click on revision 1 (first applied patch), and select "Modify history" -> "Unapply patch (QGoto parent). Result: the 2 patches disappear from the graph. You have to refresh the workbench to see them again

Reapply the patch to have both patches in the graph. Now right click on revision 2 (latest applied patch), and select "Modify history" -> "Unapply patch (QGoto parent). Result: the latest patch disappear, and its parent is now displayed as a normal (non-patch) commit. Again, refreshing the workbench fixes the graph.

It doesn't appear to be a big problem, but when you're working a lot with patches like I do, it's really annoying - believe me :) I'm currently stuck with THG 2.0.5 because of the various bugs and inconsistencies in the 2.1.x series with MQ. (related remark: why "qgoto parent" instead of qgoto "this-patch" when double clicking on a patch revision, like in THG 2.0.x?)

Comments (5)

  1. Anonymous

    I recently upgraded my computer to a much more powerful one, running Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bits). I retested the MQ support with the latest THG (version 2.2.2). I still manage to reproduce those bugs from time to time, after several qpushes and qpops, but it's now a lot harder, which makes me think it may be a time related bug, as my previous computer was much slower.

  2. Yuya Nishihara

    repowatcher: watch patches/status to invalidate stale applied (fixes #1094)

    As of Mercurial 2.7.2, "hg qpop" writes series and status files after wlock released. If repository cache is reloaded before status file is written, unapplied patches may be displayed as applied.

    → <<cset ba0c6b6504a5>>

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