Double click on repo tree view renames the node forever

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Win7, THG 2.1.2.

I have several repos in tree. See first screenshot. Bold repo is opened by default using .lnk file with working directory changed to D:\Projects\Optiprizer.

After I doubleclick another repo it renames to the first repo name. See second screenshot.

After restarting the TGHW the repository names are not changed - so now I have two different repos with same names.

Note, that tabs are also incorrectly named. This bug is very annoying, because it's hard to find the repo I wish to switch to.

The content of AppData\Roaming\TortoiseHg\thg-reporegistry.xml is broken: {{{


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <reporegistry> <treeitem> <allgroup name="default"> <repo root="D:\Projects\CT\cherrytomato-HG" shortname="Optiprizer" basenode="bf4ad5cd5a76fe8cf70fc9f33dcb1ecfa2e4eb65"/> <repo root="D:\Projects\hg3" shortname="Optiprizer" basenode="60fe1a78e198ec57bed07268d53d3e216b2f3469"/> <repo root="D:\Projects\ovulyashki-google-code" shortname="Optiprizer" basenode="87dd22a7bd7c360deecd38c013341e1926b5a1e9"/> <repo root="D:\Projects\ovulyashki-hg" shortname="Optiprizer" basenode="87dd22a7bd7c360deecd38c013341e1926b5a1e9"/> <repo root="D:\Projects\hgsubversion\hgsubversion" shortname="Optiprizer" basenode="f2636cfed11500fdc47d1e3822d8e4a2bd636bf7"/> <repo root="D:\Projects\Optiprizer" shortname="Optiprizer" basenode="86cab6d7183cb4aa2b98ca194f47e15eac5835bc"/> </allgroup> </treeitem> </reporegistry>


I know that the workaround would be to edit this file. However the bug is still annoying.

Hope to be useful.

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  1. kore_sar reporter

    For example, .lnk file is an icon on Desktop with little arrow in the corner. The file has extension .lnk. These are used since Windows 3.1 (or earlier). It has no relations to file system hard links.

    I'm using it to directly open a repo in THG by a simple double-click on the icon.

  2. Yuya Nishihara

    Did you set web.ui in global settings?

    e.g. in %USERPROFILE%\Mercurial.ini

    name = Optiprizer

    `shortname' in thg-reporegistry.xml is cache value of, which is updated when opening repository.

  3. kore_sar reporter

    Sorry for the delayed answer. Vacation...

    Yes, I have that line in mercurial.ini. However, I still think that is weird and unobvious behaviour (changing each repo name if global webserv name was specified).

    Thank you, Yuya. At least I know that my setup was a bit wrong. Everything is okay now.

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