shellext: Disable icon overlays per repository

Issue #113 open
Adam Russell
created an issue

I'd like to be able to disable overlay icons (or even TortoiseHg completely) on a per-repository basis. My use case is that my home directory is controlled by Mercurial (with almost everything ignored), but I also have Subversion repositories or other Mercurial repositories in subdirectories that I don't want to conflict with my home repository.

Related bugs have already been filed in the past, but they are on the stable repository:

I've tried with no success adding @@noicons to .hg/thgstatus and even tried adding to .hg/hgrc: [tortoisehg] overlayicons = False

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  1. Geoffroy Aubry

    I also have a mercurial repository in my home folder with almost everything ingnored. I've tried to put [tortoisehg] overlayicons = False in ~/.hg/hgrc or even in ~/.hgrc but it does not affect the overlay icons.

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