Filter graph: column's widths change if filter box ticked

Issue #116 resolved
Arnaud GUT
created an issue

Hello, sorry I reported first this issue in the wrong queue (master). In TortoiseHg version 1.9.2+57-91df37182065 on Windows XP SP3, I use "Filter graph with revision sets or branches" and I changed the width of a column (i.e. Rev column in the enclosed "before filter" picture). Then, when I tick the filter box, the widths of the columns come back to their initial values. See “after filter” picture enclosed. It's a little bit annoying. Best regards, Arnaud

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  1. Steve Borho

    This is expected, the workbench auto-sizes columns at every refresh.

    There's been talk of only doing auto-sizing once when the repository is first opened, but no one has implemented this.

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