File log viewer cannot be brought to the front

Issue #118 resolved
Jean-Pierre Bergamin
created an issue

I use thg version on Windows 7.

In the commit dialog I open the shelve tool with the icon above the diff window ("Open shelve tool"). In the shelve too I double-click a file, which opens the Hg file log viewer. The newly opened log viewer window jumps to the back and cannot be brought to the front. Clicking on the window just results in an audible alert.

After closing the shelve tool window, the log viewer window can be brought to the front by clicking on it.

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  1. Steve Borho

    filelistview: disable history widgets launching from wctx view (closes #118)

    After the 2.0 release, the filelistview should no longer generate its own menu. Instead, menu events should be forwarded to the parent (revdetails and chunks) where they can keep separate actions and logic.


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