Shelve-When move chunks or files from one patch to another, patches reject everything

Issue #127 resolved
Mike Wilkes
created an issue

Using tortoisehg-stable-1.1.9215.5147-x64-bf8776a0-52dc-4914-8dfa-ad905dc2e7f7.msi, and doesn't look like latest commits will fix.

Create 2 patches. pop both. Open shelve, and move file from one patch to another (or chunk).

Try to apply first patch and everything gets rejected.

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  1. Mike Wilkes reporter

    I've attached a very simple repo that exhibits this issue.

    file1.txt and file2.txt. unapply both patches (state repo should be in).

    Open shelve tool. Copy changes from patch for 1 to patch for 2.

    Try and apply patch for 2. Changes in both file1.txt and file2.txt reject.

  2. Steve Borho

    Hmm, they work for me here.

    I see that the patch has a mix of dos and unix EOLN while the source files are dos EOLN. Are you using one of the eol conversion extensions?

    My guess is that adding [patch] eol=auto to your Mercurial.ini file would help.

  3. Mike Wilkes reporter

    I don't have any conversion plugins enabled (as you've likely guessed, I'm on windows).

    Adding the [patch]eol=auto does fix it. I'm able to take the repo and apply the patches (even though they have LF) correctly.

    As soon as I remove that option, I'm back to them not applying.

    Thank you. I'll have to remember to add that to my mercurial.ini files.

    Closing this bug.

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