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I have upgraded from 2.0.5 to 2.1.4 recently and I have discovered an issue. I have manually modified the thg-reporegistry.xml file in such a way that I can use sub groups. Unfortunately it is not possible to create this configuration with the interface but the manual adjustment worked perfectly none the less.

In version 2.1.4 however an error occurs when opening the workbench. See the attached error file.

The xml file looks something like this: <group name="group"> <repo root="repopath" shortname="reponame" basenode="c1956f63a44397017f83b03990da7eaf2236d074"/> <group name="subgroup"> <repo root="repopath" shortname="reponame" basenode="a75785d4b392cdaa779a2d8f7c60683dfdf422a4"/> </group> </group>

If I disable the "Show short paths" option or undo my manual adjustment, the issue does not appear. We have a few dozen repo's which can be nicely grouped and sub-grouped. Is it possible to adjust tortoisehg to allow for subgroups?

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  1. Yuya Nishihara

    reporegistry: ignore subgroups when calculating the common path (fixes #1297)

    This does not add proper subgroup support for the repo registry, but at least will ensure that TortoiseHg will not crash and will do the right thing if a user manually modifies the repo registry XML file to add subgroups manually.


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