Replace pywin32 with ctypes

Issue #130 open
Steve Borho
created an issue

With version 1.8, Mercurial is no longer using pywin32. Instead it is using ctypes to directly access the win32 APIs. We should follow. The first step is to convert the overlay server to Qt + ctypes, then to start replacing code in tortoisehg/util, then removing all pywin32 functionality from tortoisehg/hgqt and replacing it with functions added to a new tortoisehg/util/

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  1. Adrian Buehlmann

    FWIW, I've almost finished converting the overlay server to ctypes. It's just not exactly top prio here *right now* to bring that to 100% (IIRC what I have is functional but still partly using pywin32).

  2. Adrian Buehlmann

    I'm attaching unfinished thg-qt_9a2a77d35ed9.patch to rescue what I have done re converting the overlay server to ctypes. It might be that I won't finish it.

    I've mainly started this work as an exercise for learning ctypes. My main goal was just learning enough for being able to move Mercurial from pywin32 to ctypes. That mission is accomplished (it's in Mercurial 1.8).

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