After closing Workbench: Keep last selected fiter graph

Issue #133 resolved
Anonymous created an issue

Wished behavior:

  • Open Workbench Repo1
  • Set filter graph "Branch = B1"
  • Close Workbench Repo1

  • Open Workbench Repo2

  • Set filter graph "Branch = B2"
  • Close Workbench Repo2

  • Open Workbench Repo1

  • Filter graph still set "Branch = B1" (without setting again manually)

  • Open Workbench Repo2

  • Filter graph still set "Branch = B2" (without setting again manually)

Comments (4)

  1. Anonymous

    If not the default behavior, it would still be a nice feature to configure (e.g. with a 'remember selection' tick box). This would be a real benefit if you

    • often switch between different repos
    • work in repos counting numerous branches
    • usually work on one single branch for weeks at the same time.
  2. Steve Borho

    I imagine we will grow a way to specify a persistent branch selection per repository. A way to say: I'm really only interested in named branches "foo, bar, baz". Hide the rest of them unless I disable this filter.

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