Issue #1372 resolved

An URL must be selected for this operation

Ngọc Minh Lê
created an issue

In Hg workbench, clicking push/pull buttons pop out an dialog stating that "An URL must be selected for this operation". The problem is that it leave users no clue about how to select an URL. Trying the settings dialog doesn't help either. This is a really annoying awkward behavior.

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  1. dmergens71

    Changing the verbage of the message doesn't resolve the issue. There is more to the problem here.

    • The only way I've found to set the URL is to edit the project file (hgrc) and put in the following lines:


    default = https://yourHgServerHere/MyProject

    • is there another way? Possibly, but it's not obvious. (of course you can edit the file from the settings dialog)
    • Once you set the URL, Tortoise does not refresh it, so you have to restart Tortoise before the change will take effect.

    Recommended solution is to have an option in the settings dialog to specify the URL. Also, make sure that changing the settings (or editing the file) will get refreshed without having to restart Tortoise.

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