Issue #1429 resolved

Settings tool description is unscrollable

Mo Cassidy
created an issue

In the settings screen, click the "Commit" section then mouse over "Monitor working directory changes". Depending on window size, and I believe it's true at the default size, the useful description at the bottom is so long that it doesn't fit in its pane, causing a scroll bar to appear. But it's impossible to operate the scroll bar, because as soon as you move the mouse away from "Monitor working directory changes", the message, and its scroll bar, disappear.

If you make the whole window larger, the message fits, and there's no scroll bar.

If you click the dropdown box next to "Monitor working directory changes", the message stays on screen until you click something else, including the scroll bar! This seems to be the same for other dropdown boxes, but not for radio buttons. However, if you mouseover radio buttons, then mouse out of them, the message, instead of clearing, reverts to the message for the currently "clicked" control.

Perhaps just remove whatever clears the text, so that once the text gets in the box, it never leaves until the window's closed. That way you can still get the swift changes in description when mousing over different settings, but still operate the scroll bar without the text disappearing.

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