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Issue #143 duplicate

Workbench auto-refresh

created an issue

We are testing tortoisehg-1.9.3-hg-1.8pre. The Workbench window looks really great and I would like to ask: Is it be possible to automatically execute View > Refresh command each time the Workbench windows is activated?

Another option would be getting file system notifications using QFileSystemWatcher.

Auto refresh would make Workbench window much more intuitive (no more misleading messages because of old content).

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  1. Steve Borho
    • changed status to open

    The repository is monitored so it will refresh itself any time the changelog, its configuration, or its patch queue changes.

    What we don't monitor is the working folder state, aka what is shown in the commit tool. We do this on purpose because a refresh here is expensive. In a later release we may show some sort of indication that tells the user they need to refresh the working folder view. But I don't think it will ever auto-refresh.

  2. ekleheb behelke

    Mostly the commit tool is activated. So the semi-automatically refresh has no advantage for me. Is it possible to refresh the file list window also, if the commit tool is already used AND I switch the repository?

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