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Issue #1459 on hold

One character cursor offset in commit comment editbox

Giuseppe Piscopo
created an issue

Hello. Thanks as usual for the great SW. This is a funny visual issue that I think I've been noticing since the beginning of using THg. I'll try to explain it with the to attached pictures. Version is 2.1.4

When I start writing the commit comment in its editbox, the blinking cursor black bar is of course right next to the letter I just typed (see picture 'Before'). But there are case when, after I write some letter, the cursor gets displaced by 1 letter to the right, with respect to the actual caret position (see picture 'After').

In the two attached pictures, until I press 'f', everything is ok. But as soon as I press the 'i', the cursor sits 1 more position to the right. If I type a further letter, say 'c', that is printed not at the cursor position but next to the 'i' (see picture 'After 2'). Which is all a little confusing if you are editing in the middle of some text.

It looks to me that apparently this case has to do with font ligatures. When I print 'i' after the 'f', they "get together" and it seems like they take the space of a single letter, leaving a blank between the 'i' and the blinking bar.

Thanks for your attention.

Comments (3)

  1. Giuseppe Piscopo reporter

    I don't think I'm using any other application with that library, and anyway it does not happen with any other app on my Win7. If you know one that I can easily install, I can give it a try and see what happens.

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