Output Log command line removes (or interprets) backslashes

Issue #1529 resolved
Sebastian Krysmanski
created an issue

Executing a command entered in the "Ouput Log" pane in TortoiseHg's work bench removes (or interprets?) all backslashes ().

{{{ MyTest% hg --repository D:\Users\krysmasn\Documents\Android\MyTest log % hg --cwd D:\Users\krysmasn\Documents\Android\MyTest --repository D:UserskrysmasnDocumentsAndroidMyTest log repository D:UserskrysmasnDocumentsAndroidMyTest not found [command returned code 255 Wed Jan 11 09:40:47 2012] }}}

This is especially quite nasty when working on Windows where the directory separator is a backslash (instead of a slash).

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  1. Yuya Nishihara

    cmdui: prettify command-line string for display (closes #1529)

    Currently "Output Log" window shows the full command-line arguments, but it isn't nice for CLI learners.

    This patch removes obvious options like --repository from display string, and escapes common characters.

    → <<cset 80772b7409bc>>

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