Issue #156 resolved

Double clicking on the "Description" column title on the workbench does not resize it properly

Angel Ezquerra
created an issue

When you double click on the "Description" column title on the workbench the column is not resized to the size of the longest description. Instead it the column becomes very small (perhaps it is being resized to the size of the word "Description"?).

Maybe this is done for performance reasons, but the current behavior is really not useful. It'd be best if double clicking just did nothing at all (bt I'd prefer that it resized the column correctly).

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  1. Steve Borho
    • changed status to open

    Column resize is a long story, there is already an open issue for it.

    Nothing happens when I double click on the header. FWIW, the description column is auto-expanding so it takes whatever space is left over after the other columns determine what size they need.

  2. Angel Ezquerra reporter

    Sorry I had not seen that.

    Yet, I don't see the auto-expand behavior that you mention. When I double click on the separation between the description and the Author the description column is resized and the Node column becomes much larger than it needs to.

  3. Steve Borho

    Double clicking when the icon is the vertical divider does resize the column, I never knew that feature existed. Feel free to dig through the documentation to see if there's a way to disable it for that column.

    In the long run, I think we want to preserve user configured column widths per repository. The description column should show as much summary text as will fit in its given area, and we should paint the tags, bookmarks, branch names, etc from the right edge so they don't interfere with the summary text.

  4. Angel Ezquerra reporter

    That is a standard feature of these sorts of lists on windows. Normally they resize the column based on the contents, but other times they resize based on the size of the column header. Since all other columns seem to resize based on their contents, while the description column does not, I assumed that this was a wanted behavior.

  5. Steve Borho

    Check the repomodel code. We don't try to calculate the size of the contents in that column, since it is auto-expanding. We could perhaps return a larger default size.

  6. Angel Ezquerra reporter

    According to the repoview._resizeColumn function the current default size for the Description column does not exceed 100 (pixels?). I would suggest using at least 400 (perhaps even 600).

  7. Steve Borho

    repoview: Increase the minimum size of the Description column (closes #156)

    The issue #156 states that the description column does not properly autoresize. This patch does not fix that but it makes the default size of the description column bigger, which makes the issue less annoying.

    I increased the size from 100 to 600. If 600 is too much we could use 400 instead.


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