MQ: automatic patch naming issue

Issue #1569 resolved
André Sintzoff
created an issue

I'm facing a small issue with the automatic patch naming.

IIRC, the patch name is built based on the changeset id. If an unapplied patch has already that name, a suffix (_01, _02, ...) is added to the name.

This approach fails if the such _01 patch was created previously but no more in the patch queue but still in the .hg/patches directory (e.g. after a fold when keeping the folded patch).

Is there a better way to proceed than the current one in getUniquePatchName (

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  1. Steve Borho

    qimport: check for existing patches (fixes #1569)

    When importing a set of revisions, check if there is already a patchfile in the .hg/patches folder with a name that would colide with the imported revision. If so, use a different, unique name when importing that particular revision instead.


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