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Nathan Durnan
created an issue

I have encountered some confusing limitations trying to use the CodeReview extension. ( I am using the hgcr-gui-qt extension included with TortoiseHg 2.2.2)

  • Why does it REQUIRE me to have an email address configured? While this may be the most common use-case for the extension, I do not understand why the extension DEPENDS on having an email address to work.
  • I can not ADD files that have spaces in the filenames. The rest of Mercurial handles filename spaces just fine. Why does this extension fail to handle them?
  • The "Done" button behavior is confusing. # It first promts if I want to "commit and mark as completed".
    # I acknowledge the prompt, and the .code-review file is updated as expected.
    # Then I am presented with another prompt that reminds me that I need to commit the changes to the .code-review file. # The extension creates an "empty" commit in the repository with the generic message "cr round is done".
    # The changes for the .code-review file are not included in the commit. #* I am still left needing to manually commit the changes to the .code-review file.

This behavior is VERY confusing! I do not understand why the extension created a commit with no changes. I would be perfectly fine with manually committing the "Done" action. It makes sense, and in fact, would be preferable. Is this a bug, or the way it is intended to work? If this is the intended behavior, can someone please explain the rational behind it?

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