Cannot move new group in repo explorer to some other top-level location

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I am using TortoiseHg 2.3-rc. When i create a new group in the repository explorer, I am not then able to move it to some other location as a "root"-level group. It will only allow me to nest it under an existing group.

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  1. Anonymous

    Actually I can move it to some other root-level position in the repo explorer. However, the UI for this is not intuitive and confusing. I had to drag the new group folder *on top* of another folder. When i released the mouse to drop it there, it got created as a root-level folder above the one i had it on top of.

    This is confusing because it looks like you are dragging the folder into the other, but then it gets created above it as a sibling folder.

    I guess this issue could technically be closed, but improving the UI would be nice.

  2. Angel Ezquerra

    I cannot reproduce this problem on my end. In order to move a top level group you must drag it and drop it on top of another top level group. In order to move it into another group you msut drag it and drop it on top of a _repo_ inside a group. Can you give it a try and see if it also works on your end?

  3. Matthew Giannini

    I am the author of this issue. If that is how it is designed to work, then that is indeed how it is working. I just found it a little confusing. See attached screenshot "repo-explorer". It looks like "New Group" is about to put into "r34". However, when i drop it, it goes as a top-level folder above "r34". I don't think this is intuitive, but once you learn that's how it works, one can just deal with it.

    Now look at screenshot "move-sub-item". When you are moving a sub-item, you get a little black line indicating where it will go in the parent folder. This is what i was expecting even when moving top-level folders around in the root of the tree.

    Obviously this is extremely minor, but if it is trivial to make that change, I think it would be a more intuitive UI experience.


  4. Angel Ezquerra

    You are right that this is not very intuitive. Unfortunately it is not really easy to change. When I implemented this feature I struggled a bit with the existing code, which I don't think was really meant to support groups within groups. The way QT handles things is does not make things easy either :-(

    One extra thing that would be great is that you should be able to drag a group to empty area (e.g. below the last repo) and have it move there, becoming the last of the repo groups.

    I'm going to resolve this issue. Please feel free to create a new one with your improvement suggestion, which is valid although I don't think I'll personally have the time to work on this myself.

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