lost patchqueue by renaming a patch

Issue #161 resolved
Johan Samyn
created an issue

I just had very unpleasant feeling after some operation. I tried to rename a patch. Apparently there was still some old patch file on disk with the same name (without the patch still existing in series). That made the app go astray. It deleted the whole patch folder! Luckily it was still in the Recycle Bin, so I could recover it. I had to correct the series file, which did not have the name change, while the patchfile did get renamed though.

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  1. Johan Samyn reporter

    Just noticed there was something lost after all. Seems like the newest version of the name-clashing patches is lost. I can only see the old content.

  2. Steve Borho

    There's certainly a value-add here for TortoiseHg to check whether the a file of the new name already exists in the current patch queue folder and ask the user what they would like to do about it.

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