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Issue #1618 wontfix

Improve handling of rejected chunks when unshelving

Anonymous created an issue

The 'Merge rejected patch chunks' dialog is clumsy and inefficient in comparison to standard Merge tools.

As tortoisehg already has knowledge of a 'three way Merge tool' can it be configured to allow that to be used instead.

Comments (3)

  1. Michał Sznajder

    3 way merge will not help here. What we have is one version and a misaligned patch not two versions (current and other).

    However 'Merge rejected patch chunks' could be enchanced to include a way of moving chucks around (up/down) or failing to a file with <<REJ tags inside...

  2. Anonymous

    While the shelf only stores a patch, you can create a three way merge by utilitsing the version of the file that was shelved before and after the contents of the patch is applied.


    • revision 85 was edited and subsequently shelved.
    • the respository is updated to version 90 of the file.
    • unshelving causes a conflict, do a merge of revision 85, r85+shelved patch, revision 90
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