Issue Tracking Named Branch?

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Arthur Blake
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Our team uses a workflow where we make a new named branch for each issue in our issue tracking system (similar to

The named branch has the issue number directly in the name of the branch. We have been able to get our issue tracking system to do issue associations to changesets from the named branch, but it looks like TortoiseHg can only look in the commit message. It would be nice to not have to redundantly put the issue number in both the commit message and the named branch as it clutters things up more.

Is there any way to add an option to get TortoiseHg to make a link to the issue tracking system from the named branch?

Ideally, the option should be there to look at named branch or commit message or both...

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  1. MKej

    I would also love to see this implemented, as we use the same workflow in our company. Forcing people to include issue ID in commit message seems redundant with named branches.

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