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Issue #1628 on hold

Tags length limit seems to be 30 characters

created an issue

I was having a problem seeing some tags in TortoiseHg. I went to command line and typed "hg tags" and it also didn't show the same tags. After manually editing .hgtags file and commits, I saw that tags would work if there was 30 characters or less and at 31 characters length, they would not show up.

For example: Issue683_SystemTest_Preliminary (does not work) Issue683_SystemTest_Preliminar (works)

I expect there would be no limit on tag length. Nowhere in the documentation is that stated.

TortoiseHg for MSWindows, v2.2 Mercurial Distributed SCM (version 2.0)

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  1. jrlokken reporter

    (Reply via Jame...@CareFusion.com):

    I am using v2.2 on a Windows 64 bit machine.

    Originally the tag "Issue683_SystemTest_Preliminary" was put on the wrong branch so it was removed and added to the correct branch. After that, the tag did not show up under the description column or the tags column. Tortoise will show a highlighted tag in the description field. I don't recall if the tag showed up in the columns before the deletion or not as I fixed the tag after reading the description but not necessarily looking for the highlighted tag. I was refreshing the display to see if it was out of sync, that didn't help. I went into the .hgtags file and manually removed the 0000's line with the tag name, refreshed, nothing, commited, refresh, nothing. Eventually I copied the line and put a smaller tag name on it, committed, and the new shorter tag showed up as expected. I then went in and changed the long name down to just "...prelim" and commited, it worked fine then. I then repeated the process adding one character at a time and it continued to show all the way up to the next to last character. When adding the last letter "y" back in, the tag would not show up again in either the tags or description column. I was even going down to the output log window and did "hg tags" and the tag would not show up in the list there. Because of that, I first thought the problem was hg and went to their bug list and created a bug there. They tested it out and found it worked with a 5000 char tagname and suggested creating a bug for the TortoiseHg program.

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  2. jrlokken reporter

    (Reply via Jame...@CareFusion.com):

    I can reproduce it and I sent copies of my .hgtags file and some pictures showing what tortoisehg displayed. Did those not arrive? The code contained in the repository is confidential so as such, the repository is too.

    -----Original Message----- From: Bitbucket [mailto:issues-reply@bitbucket.org] Sent: Saturday, February 18, 2012 5:17 AM To: Lokken, James Subject: Issue 1628 in thg: Tags length limit seems to be 30 characters

  3. jrlokken reporter

    (Reply via Jame...@CareFusion.com):

    It is fine to close the issue. I can't remember all the steps that lead up to it.

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