Getting "not a valid repository" when opening a valid repository

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Matthew Giannini
created an issue

When I attempt to open a newly cloned repository Using File->Open Repository I get an error dialog indicating that it is "Not a valid repository" (see attached screenshot).

From the command-line, it is clear that the repository is valid: D:\temp\env\rel>hg branches default 4:a2bd3589f99c stable 2:055d9a78783d

Details that may be influencing this behavior:

I cloned a repository that uses the projrc extension to configure it as a largefiles repository. I do not have the largefiles extension enabled globally, I leave it up to the projrc configuration to enable it on a per-repository basis.

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  1. Matthew Giannini reporter

    A little more information on this issue. If i start TortoiseHg from within that repository from the command-line (thg), then it opens fin. Also, opening the repository using the Windows Explorer context menu works fine. It seems to only be a problem opening a repository from an already running TortoiseHg instance.

  2. Yuya Nishihara

    Confirmed. In short, projrc is not compatible with TortoiseHg for this purpose.

    Projrc loads largefiles extension at extsetup. It works only if the application initially instantiates that repository in the same fashion as command-line hg client.

    Projrc also tries to load extensions at reposetup, but largefiles must be enabled before reposetup.

    FWIW, TortoiseHg should tell "unknown repository format: requires features 'largefiles'" instead of "not a valid repository".

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