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We are heavy subrepository users (40 hg subrepositories). Would it be possible ti introduce some "flat" or "merged" view to show (nested) subrepositories changes directly in parent Commit view, without need of opening subrepos in own tabs? It would be greatly improve workflow while reviewing and committing changes.

OT: I see improvement in icon overlays handling in Windows with latest version 2.3. Thank you for better subrepo support!

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  1. janrysavy reporter

    I just installed version 2.11 and don't see this feature. Is it some option I must turn on?

    I'm looking at View > Commit panel and can see modified files in current repository + information about modified subrepos (for example plugins with tooltip "plugins is a dirty subrepo"). But I must open the "plugins" subrepo to view modified files there.

    Thank you.

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