THG ignores authorcolor and branchcolor settings

Issue #1644 open
Dmitry Zanozin
created an issue

THG 2.3 on Win 7 x64 (the same on WinXP x32)

I have the following settings in repo hgrs flle (no spaces after # char in real config, just avoid forum scripts): {{{ [tortoisehg] branchcolors = default:# 000000 stable:# FF00FF }}}

and the following in global <UserDir>\mercurial.ini

{{{ [tortoisehg] authorcolor = True authorcolor.USER1 = # 800000 authorcolor.USER2 = # 000000 authorcolor.USER3 = # 008000 authorcolor.USER4 = # 000080 }}}

But workbench ignores those settings.

In hgtk 1.1.10 the same authorcolor values worked well (no branchcolor there).

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  1. Yuya Nishihara

    repowidget: take into account the tortoisehg.branchcolors setting (refs #1644)

    The tortoisehg.branchcolors setting has an entry on the Workbench panel of the settings dialog. However, it was being ignored. This patch fixes that.

    1. Limitations:

    Branches names with spaces in them are not supported.


  2. Dobromir Popov

    is it a problem of spaces in the configuration?

    Mine works fine, and the issue state is still {{open}}.

    I had some hard time finding the exact config combination. An example in the documentation will not be bad idea.

    I have this line in the config file: {{branchcolors = default:#FC951E}}

    Restart is needed.

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