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Issue #1645 closed

incoming changes not displayed if recurse into subrepositoies

Rainer Frisch
created an issue

If changesets are present "Found incoming..."/"Found outgoing..." is displayed, but the incomming/outgoing changeset preview is not displayed in the graph view anymore. hg version 2.3, W7

Comments (11)

  1. Rainer Frisch reporter

    The buttons "Accept" and "Reject" and a preview of the changesets are not displayed. I think I found the problem: The problem occurs only if the option "Recurse into subrepositoies" in the synchronize menue is enabled. If I removee the "--subrepos" option, the buttons "Accept" and "Reject" are visble.

  2. Yuya Nishihara

    sync: drop "recurse into subrepositories" option (closes #1645)

    It was the option to disable incoming/outgoing preview, which is useless now because we have history viewer of the main repository in both standalone and task-tab modes.

    → <<cset 8f9a9911b25e>>

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