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Issue #1647 resolved

Commit dialog file list width

John Sparrow
created an issue

In v2.3 the file list in commit dialog has a limited width, and cannot be expanded. Apparently this is only seen when the dialog is NOT maximized. This isn't a problem on the commit pane of the Workbench

Comments (7)

  1. André Sintzoff

    The width of the file list is defined by the width of the window minus the width needed to display the right part.

    The upper part contains "Selected Options" line which is completly displayed. In your case, this line is somehow long (because the hidden repository path is long).

    If you increase the dialog width you will be able to increase the file list width even the dialog is not maximized.

    Note: As this line is not displayed in the Workbench, this problem doesn't exist there.

  2. David Wilhelm

    Since the goal for "selected options" was originally to show the options available in the DetailsDialog, it might be enough to whitelist those and ignore the other options, like --repository, that are always shown in the standalone commit tool.

    If there's also a reasonable way to truncate that would be great, but removing the clutter would probably fix most cases and should be done anyway.

  3. Steve Borho

    commit: display only whitelisted options (fixes #1647)

    When run as the standalone commit tool, some options (such as --repository) are always shown even though they can't be changed in the commit widget and aren't of interest to the user.

    Use a whitelist to show only the options that can be changed in the DetailsDialog.


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