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Issue #1696 duplicate

untracked files in subrepositories do not make the subrepository dirty

Dominik P
created an issue

While "hg st -S" shows untracked files in subrepositories, the commit tab in the tortoisehg workbench does not show the subrepository as dirty as it would be if a file was added or modified.

Additionally it is impossible to navigate easily to the subrepository to check if there might be untracked files and therefore it is likely that untracked files in subrepositories won't be added.

Comments (6)

  1. Dominik P reporter

    That's true. But on the other hand, with "hg st -S" mercurial shows untracked files in subrepositories and that could be seen as inconsistency in thg.

  2. Paul Thomas

    I'd like to second the desire to have a way of knowing there are new files in a subrepository from its parent. I agree that the subrepository shouldn't be considered dirty, but some sort of other term ("smudgy"?! :) ) could be useful. The entire point of untracked files is to allow files to be ignored by Hg (which in my opinion is best handled by .hgignore but that's a different discussion), so I think whatever was done would need to be optional (e.g. a config setting to display smudgy subrepos or not in commit screen). At the moment I run a recursive add from the command line to make sure I've caught any new files (and I can then forget them if need be), being able to do this from within thg (by right-clicking in the repo registry or something) might be another way of overcoming the basic problem of having to look in every subrepository to check whether any files have been added.

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