Wrong parse of path string from hgrc file

Issue #17 resolved
Dmitry Zanozin
created an issue

I have path string in repository's hgrc file like: {{{ [paths] default = http://<user_name>:<password>@<server_name>/<path_to_the_repo>; }}}

workbench tries to synchronize with the repo but tries to use "<user_name><password>" string (skipping ":" character) for username and ask me about password every time. It doesn't parse <user_name>:<password> string as needed.

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  1. Dmitry Zanozin reporter

    Yes. hg incoming works fine. If I delete password section in hgrc file eg:

    default = http://<user_name>@<server_name>/<path_to_the_repo>

    thg works fine too - it asks me about password and then download all incoming changesets correctly. But if I add ":<password>" part into the string thg ignores ":" separator and use the whole strings <user_name><password> as login and ask me for password (obviously it doesn't work with any entered password).

  2. Steve Borho

    fixes pushed, this was a bug in the original sync code

    For what it's worth, we're trying to get users to use the new [auth] section and mercurial_keyring for authentication, since saving passwords in plain-text is not recommended.

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