hg cr not working inside thg output log window

Issue #1709 wontfix
Boris Glimcher
created an issue

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  1. Yuya Nishihara

    This happens because TortoiseHg executes all hg command in worker thread, but Qt widgets must be created in main thread.

    Instead, hgcr-gui-qt can inject entry point to TortoiseHg's command table, tortoisehg.hgqt.run.table. Then you can open CodeREviewDialog from log window as thg cr.

  2. Boris Glimcher reporter
    • changed status to open

    please add it to command table.

    you can use this patch:

    diff -r 82c2dd50c45e tortoisehg/hgqt/run.py
    --- a/tortoisehg/hgqt/run.py    Tue Apr 16 22:03:28 2013 +0200
    +++ b/tortoisehg/hgqt/run.py    Wed May 01 01:15:44 2013 +0300
    @@ -840,6 +840,11 @@
         from tortoisehg.hgqt.revdetails import run
         return qtrun(run, ui, *pats, **opts)
    +def hgcr(ui, *pats, **opts):
    +    """code review tool"""
    +    tmp = __import__('hgext.hgcr-gui-qt')
    +    return qtrun(vars(tmp)['hgcr-gui-qt'].run_with_gui, ui, *pats, **opts)
     ### help management, adapted from mercurial.commands.help_()
     def help_(ui, name=None, with_version=False, **opts):
         """show help for a command, extension, or list of commands
    @@ -1199,6 +1204,7 @@
         "^version": (version,
             [('v', 'verbose', None, _('print license'))],
             _('thg version [OPTION]')),
    +    "^cr": (hgcr, [], _('launch code review tool')),
     if os.name == 'nt':
  3. Yuya Nishihara

    @Boris Glimcher It should be available only if hgcr-gui-qt is enabled. So please update command table by extsetup():

    def extsetup(ui):
        from tortoisehg.hgqt import run
        run.table['^cr'] = ...

    Sadly it has no effect when executing thg cr from command-line, but it should be available in Output Log window.

  4. Yuya Nishihara

    @Boris Glimcher It worked fine, thanks.

    What is the correct protocol to update this extension inside thg-build repo?

    Maybe Steve will pick up the latest version. In case, please email him or thg-dev@googlegroups.com. I'm not good at packaging issue.

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