Issue #1728 resolved

Workbench doesn't update chanset's list correctly after aborted merge

Dmitry Zanozin
created an issue

After aborted merge (of two named branches in my case) update operation works wrong:

Changeset's list displays merged content in working directory (I think that's correct) but update operation (to any changeset) doesn't change view of the list. not-Merged changesets are still selected (marked in bold).

Sometimes update to some previous changeset are correct but following update to newer changeset fails.

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  1. Yuya Nishihara
    • changed status to open

    My colleague reported similar issue to me. Manual refresh works, but auto-refresh sometimes fails with incomplete graph.

    IIRC, with THGDEBUG=1, it didn't have success log of "dirstate change found":

    dirstate change found
    lock still held - ignoring for now'
    dirstate changed, exiting
    ... no other "dirstate change found" follows ...

    TortoiseHg 2.3.1 on Windows 7 (x86).

  2. Steve Borho

    thgrepo: update timestamp only if changes detected successfully (fixes #1728)

    This fixes the following case:

    1. hg: change dirstate 2. hg: unlock 3. thgrepo: detect change of .hg directory 4. hg: another lock 5. thgrepo: update _dirstatemtime 6. thgrepo: exit by lock still held 7. hg: unlock 8. thgrepo: detect change of .hg directory 9. thgrepo: ignore change because _dirstatemtime is already up-to-date


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