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Issue #1769 open

Workbench Bug - Interaction between filter text, select all, and manual deselect.

created an issue

What: Bug that prevents manually deselecting files after selecting all in a particular instance (described below)

Steps to Reproduce: (Using Thg 2.3.1)

  • Assume an existing repository with a number of directories, subdirectories, and files, some but not all of which are versioned.
  • In Workbench, select ? unknown to show unversioned files.
  • Modify an already versioned file.
  • Refresh the workbench.
  • ** Should show changed file at top of list, with check box ticked (this is fine)

  • Now put some text into the filter box to narrow the list of files to only a few of the unversioned files //but not the changed file//

  • Select all -- all the files in the filtered list should now be selected (fine)
  • BUG: Now try to deselect any file -- can't do it! **

Expectation I would expect that if one can select a list of files, one should always be able to deselect a subset of these. The fact that one cannot seems to be a usability bug if nothing else.

//If the above steps to reproduce are not clear, let me know and I can revise / attach screenshots.//

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