folder with Chinese characters stop directory status updates in windows 7

Issue #1867 resolved
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thg silently ignores falling internal "hg status"

if you have a folder named like "㩄㩄㩄" in the project directory, without it being tracked, no file status changes will show in thg, with out any error showing. the working directory status window will stay with out any modified file if you changed some files, or will keep showing file as modified after being reverted.

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  1. dshor reporter

    here is the command line result

    C:\Dev\ttt>hg status

    abort: The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect: C:\Dev\ttt\???

    with a C:\Dev\ttt\㩄㩄㩄 directory

    so it seems to be a Mercurial issue

  2. dshor reporter
    • changed status to new

    no they don't help with this. but tortoisehg need to give some feedback about "hg status" falling. tortoisehg stops responding and users don't know the hg status trick to find where is the bad folder. It very easy to reproduce. just create a folder and copy the name from here.

  3. dshor reporter

    it will be nice to at least ignore that folder... everything breaks down with out any indication. will probably be forced to move to git at some stage...

  4. dshor reporter

    just putting the red top error banner after hg status fails will help to understand what direction to look in to. and if the core hg can be fixed, files with Unicode names at least show as filewithunicode???.txt and not break thestatus command

  5. Steve Borho

    status: show error dialog on refresh failure (closes #1867)

    It's hard to notice error message shown on status bar.

    Since refthread.showMessage is emitted only once, it's safe to open modal dialog on showMessage. Also, it can be merged to reloadComplete later.

    → <<cset c12eeb69d3f5>>

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