Can't diff between file revisions in File Log Viewer -- GUI misleading

Issue #1871 resolved
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If you bring up the file log viewer for a file (right-click in Explorer, select TortoiseHg - Revision History) you get a dialog that shows you a list of the file revisions. You can multi-select two revisions, but if you then select "Visual Diff File" you don't get a visual diff of those two revisions. It instead shows a diff one of just one revision.

So not only is there no way to diff between two different revisions, but the GUI is misleading in that it lets you multi-select lines implying that you will be viewing a diff of those two revisions. (If you're not going to support operations involving multiple revisions, then don't allow the user to select multiple revisions.)

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  1. Jason McKesson

    Is this going to get fixed? It seems like such a simple thing: TortoiseHg already has the "compare revisions" dialog. Just have a button in the dialog to bring this up.

  2. Angel Ezquerra

    filedialogs: add multi-selection menu (fixes #1871)

    This change backs out bcf0854d848c6534 and adds a new menu which is shown when more than one item is selected. The menu shows two options:

    • Diff selected changesets...
    • Diff selected file revisions...

    Ideally it should not be possible to select more than two revisions. However, for now if more than two revisions are selected and the user right clicks the context menu will not be shown and insted a message will be shown on the status bar indicating that you cannot select more than two revisions.

    The code to generate the menus could be improved a lot, but that should be left for another revision.

    → <<cset 935f86ada84d>>

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