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Issue #1876 wontfix

Better API mismatch warning dialog

Sebastian Krysmanski
created an issue

I'm currently using TortoiseHg on Ubuntu, however I can't start it because the only Mercurial package I have available is Mercurial 2.2. Unfortunately this version isn't supported (yet) by TortoiseHg.

So, when I open TortoiseHg it notifies me about this problem but gives me no option to ignore the API mismatch. The button "Ok" works like the "Close" button. So, at the moment I have //no way// to get TortoiseHg working on my Ubuntu box.

So, my suggestion is to change the API mismatch dialog like this:

  • Warn the user about the API mismatch but let him ignore it.
  • Give the API mismatch dialog its own dialog. While this mismatch may be a bug on Windows, it certainly is not a bug on Linux but rather an installation issue.

Comments (13)

  1. Yuya Nishihara

    give the user the choice of whether to ignore the version match or not

    It may be possible, but once the package dependency is corrected #1393, you cannot install incompatible versions. So I think it isn't so useful for ordinary users.

  2. Sebastian Krysmanski reporter

    But the problem can still occur (other packaging system, other version) and in this case the user again faces this problem. So, I still think, the user should be given the choice of whether he wants to ignore the API mismatch or not.

  3. Marc Schlaich

    Had this problem some weeks ago with a previous release. The only way to get TortoiseHg run again was to change the code and disable the version check.

    I think that thg should be more permissive about the mercurial version.

  4. Anonymous

    What i did to make it work was downgrade these two packages: sudo apt-get install mercurial-common=2.1-0ppa1lucid1 mercurial=2.1-0ppa1lucid1 this seems to have worked. You need to do them both at the same time or it doesn't function.

  5. Yuya Nishihara
    • changed status to open

    Okay, I'm a bit tired of bunch of reports about Ubuntu packaging bug. Maybe allowing to skip version check will reduce them. But as André mentioned before, it will sometimes lead crash.

    So my idea is,

    • show more friendly message if version mismatch, in place of bug report dialog
    • allow to bypass version check by "continue at your risk" button or check box
    • if crashed, bug report dialog will mention about the version mismatch
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