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Issue #1899 open

HG ADD "No files found for this operation"

Nelson Almeida
created an issue

On earlier version of tortoise, I never had this error, but now in 2.4 yes.

When I try to add files through "HG Add Files" menu context, on a folder, I get the error "no files found for this operation".

Is this a problem? I use this feature many times...


Comments (4)

  1. Abel Braaksma (admin)

    To reproduce, this happens always in cases where you have non-ASCII (or more precisely, non-Windows-1252) encoded files. Try, for instance, to add the following file to any repository using TortoiseHg: test-non-1252-encҗƉ.txt.

    I don't think this issue should've been marked trivial. It's a very limiting bug, especially in non Latin-1 countries and systems. It's limitation may have to do with Hg's encoding issues: http://mercurial.selenic.com/wiki/EncodingStrategy. Hope somebody can pick this one up, it's been out there for a while.

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